Leverage the power of your graduates to attract new students!

Easily Collect and Display Student Testimonials That Convert.


Effortlessly collect students' testimonials and display them in stunning widgets on your website.

Build Trust

Build trust with prospective students by sharing graduates' testimonials that matter.


Leverage your graduates' testimonials to increase conversions and generate more leads.

Attract New Students Using Advocate Marketing

Advoxi addresses a huge challenge that almost every education institute is facing: attract new students. Nowadays, where the competition is so stiff and so many options are available at the tip of our fingers – it is becoming even more challenging to win the hearts and minds of new students.

Your website is your business card to the world, and most prospective students will no doubt visit it before they make a decision. One of the key factors that plays a vital role in their decision is what other graduate students have to say, read their unbiased opinion.

This is where Advoxi comes into play: give your graduates a stage to voice their opinion and help your prospective students make the right decision.


Main Features

Powerful Dashboard

Simple yet powerful dashboard to manage all testimonials. Quick and easy navigation to all required actions.

Workflow Automation

Create automatic workflows to streamline the collection and display of new testimonials per each course / department / school / faculty.

Performance Stats

Analyze the performance of live testimonials to understand and improve your visitor's time on site and conversion rate.

Beautiful Widgets

Utilize a variety of beautiful testimonial widgets for collecting and displaying student testimonials, live and engaging!

Optimized for Search Engines

Automatic creation of a Mini Site to share student testimonials. Fully optimized to rank high on the search engines for your academic brand name.

Lead Capturing

Capture leads right out of your testimonial widgets and hook them into your CRM.

Video Testimonials

Unleash the power of authentic video testimonials, quick and simple. No need for expensive video productions anymore.

Full Customization

Customize all colors, fonts and sizes of your testimonial widget to perfectly match your website design.

Fully Responsive

All our pages and widgets are mobile friendly and can be accessed from any device, providing you a full coverage of your visitors.

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